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am i capable of bouncing back?

Sometimes life asks us to endure what we cannot endure. To absorb a pain that is beyond our capacity.

In these moments, it feels like we're dying inside, in ways we can barely express. The wounds are glued to our souls--and they rip easily.

People say we should be grateful. It sounds nice. But we break down inside when we realize that we're not always grateful. We just can't feel it.

What if you knew, in your heart of hearts, no matter the situation, that you'll find a way even when you don't see a way?

What if you knew, deep inside, that you have an inner magic that wants to be born?

Who might you inspire by getting back up again? By telling that bear to disappear back into the wilderness?

  • Thrilled
  • Astonished
  • Happy
  • Doubtful
  • Struggling

The Holy Grail of psychological power is your ability to flip your Inner Switch … to turn off your lower self and turn on your best possible self.

The key is to practice ... to build your emotional muscles. Repetition is the mother of mastery.

“Each smallest act of kindness, reverberates across
great distances and spans of time — affecting lives
unknown to the one who’s generous spirit, was the
source of this good echo.”
― Dean Koontz

People who did
R.I.P. Frustration
also did

Activate the Butterfly Effect!Small changes can have a big impact. Random acts of kindness can change lives. Baby steps can change yours. Now tap into your innerNet — that’s where the magic happens!


“Somewhere beneath the surface, beneath just the using body, there was the real me — a hurt, scared individual, wishing for freedom. The levels my addiction took me to were in the darkest places, and it is in those times I remember thinking, ‘I’m either going to die, or change.’ And these practices helped me change.”


“I still get angry at times. But rather than stay angry, I do a Wellgorithm. People notice that I’m more relaxed, calm, comfortable in my own skin.”


“I like the fact that Wellgorithms have a sense of humor. It’s ok to laugh. In fact, that’s how we heal sometimes. Sometimes the best therapy is to laugh at your own therapy.”

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