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When life smashes you in the face and you just need to SCREAM--then how about you scream: "THAT'S IT!"

THAT'S IT! I don't care what who said what or did what. I'm hitting the Reset Button. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

THAT'S IT! I'm not fooling around! Life is short. Problems never end. The best answer is a REBOOT -- RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

THAT'S IT! I have a choice. I can spiral downward. Overreact. Slip into bad habits. Or I can reboot. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

THAT'S IT! It's time to hit those three magic keys: Courage. Faith. Resilience. Time for a VICTORY to flash on the screen of my life. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

  • Empowered
  • Grateful
  • Motivated
  • Sad
  • Beaten Up
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