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Inner empires need to be unfolded up to world-class before you’ll ever see outer ones.

And your fortune always follows your fearlessness.

Powerful insight, cats: Your influence in the world mirrors the glory, nobility, vitality and luminosity you’ve accessed in yourself.

Very few people in this time of superficiality and human creatures behaving like artificial machines remember this essential life truth.

External always expresses internal, without always reflects within.

Your creativity, productivity, prosperity, performance and impact on the planet are always a sublime expression of what’s going on inside of you.

For example, if you lack faith in your ability to get your ambitions done, you’ll never achieve them.

If you don’t feel deserving of abundance, you’ll never do what’s required to realize it.

And if your drive to capitalize on your genius is weak, your fire to train is dim and your stamina to optimize is low, it’s clear you’ll never take flight into the rare-air of outright mastery. And realize domain dominance.

External always expresses internal.

  • Motivated
  • Astonished
  • Peaceful
  • Lonely
  • Doubtful
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