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The gift that we’re going to be sharing is the gift of grace.

I can truly say that I didn’t recognize Grace at the same level until this chapter | stage of my life. I’ve just slowed down, I’m more aware, and I’m just more awake to the miracle and preciousness of life.

Grace is experienced. You can almost think of a simple definition — “the perfect of life that exists with or without me.” Sounds crazy, but, like, even every morning at this stage, I just feel like I wake up and it’s like “Wow God! Another day of life! Thank you! Thank you for beating my heart. Thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for my family.”

In that state of gratitude, I experience Grace … the invisible force that connects us all. It’s the fabric of existence. It’s like a web of benevolence that was invisible but weaves our precious life together, moment by moment, human by human, heart to heart.

It’s all the intangibles. It’s the state of existence that invokes awe and wonder.

It’s my experience: if I’m on a stuck state, or if I’m fighting with reality or if I believe that the circumstances are unfair — in that state I miss the beauty. I miss the magnitude of Grace.

If we’re struggling with life, if we’re feeling divided, we miss being gracious to ourselves. We miss being kind and gracious to each other.

This gift of Grace is sometimes missed. You know it’s missed if we’re conflicted. It’s missed if we’re divided. It’s missed if we’re judging. It’s missed if we’re blaming.

Be blessed with the gift of Grace … in allowing yourself just to slow down and notice some little miracles around … in a smile or in laughter … the sense of walking and smelling whatever’s cooking on the stove … or the music that’s playing … or the dog that’s barking …

… or whatever’s happening, just slow down and notice the miracle of existence itself, that’s the gift of Grace.

  • Grateful
  • Thrilled
  • Empowered
  • Doubtful
  • Uncertain
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