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The biggest difference between people who guide their own personal evolution and achieve their goals and those who don't is that those who make progress reflect on what causes their amygdala hijackings.

When someone asks, “Why did I let myself eat all that cake?” the answer is “Because the lower-level you won out over the thoughtful, higher-level you.”

Your two “yous” fight to control you. It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, though your higher-level you is not aware of your lower-level you. This conflict is universal.

I used to think that the upper-level you needed to fight with the lower-level you to gain control, but over time I've learned that it is more effective to train that subconscious, emotional you the same way you would teach a child to behave the way you would like him or her to behave—with loving kindness and persistence so that the right habits are acquired.

Good habits are those that get you to do what your “upper-level you” wants, and bad habits are those that are controlled by your “lower-level you” and stand in the way of your getting what your “upper-level you” wants.

Train your “lower-level you” with kindness and persistence to build the right habits. The best way to do that is to consciously develop habits that will make doing the things that are good for you habitual.

The more you do it, the stronger you will become.




Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Earth's crammed with heaven...
But only he who sees,
takes off his shoes.



my body is

tense relaxed

my mind is

on autopilot mindful



Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.




i've lost all hope.

why do i keep beating myself up?



What good thing(s) can I do for myself?



i am
inner force sun



empowered still humble confident



my INNERGOALS for today are

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This sort of energy and thought process gives me hope. Instead of lamenting the state of our world, Hesse is saying, our task is to speak of it as already existing, to experience it as real, right now, together. And if we add an insight from the Gita, our task is to let go of our attachment to the fruit, meaning, after doing all we possibly can, we let go and trust that we did what we were put on this earth to do, and it will emerge as the Divine energies of the universe intended. Amen.



For me right now this is the number #1 skill to work on — ignoring stuff that doesn’t matter. I'm doing it softly, through meditation and gently letting go. But also more proactively, through reminders, affirmations, and repetition of orders to my subconscious mind.



I’m noticing that in dark moments I simply forget the truths about hardship, and even death. It’s like my head knows it but my body doesn’t always embody it. So that’s my prayer in practice, that it help me embody my highest aspirations, what I know to be true.



Coronavirus is a wake-up call to check in with myself -- have i made peace with death? how much is fear driving my life? how can it help me forgive? Overlook what I perceive as the shortcomings in others? Motivate me to step up with more courage and compassion than ever before?



Wow I can relate to this! I’d like a daily reminder, to condition myself, so that each time I might sense, in frustration, that with the “wrong” person, that this person is a beautiful and beneficial part of my journey. And here’s a chance to put my growth into action.



i am learning to cultivate joy in practice for its own sake. It puts me in the energy of quiet, steady movement, helping me to see the value not just of outcomes but also of process.

Collective ?
Emotional Intelligence


At any time we can celebrate the amazement of being alive ... share the wonders of body, mind and soul. It's just that often we forget. So that's why it's so meaningful and rewarding to practice together in community.


We will share our hope — that as scary and dangerous as our new technologies are, we can also use them as tools of awakening. We can allow them to challenge our egos, to invite us to step into a different reality. We can build a new theatre of consciousness. It’s not a quick fix. But it’s a possibility. And it gives us hope.


Reaching deep down is scary, but necessary for our evolution. Today fear need not control us. When things get scary, we can surround ourselves with those who are on a similar path.


A supportive community helps us develop our gifts rather than focus on our problems or flaws. Community awakens us to the awesome responsibility we each have to show up in a way that only we can uniquely show up… to cultivate our individual gifts that reach their fullest expression when we join hearts and hands.

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Collective Emotional Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is bringing to light emotional forces and psychological phenomena which, until now, have been below the threshold of awareness. We are learning to see the universe, and ourselves, through a non-sentient pair of eyes — and it’s nothing like anything we’ve ever imagined. The first Axial Age was one of self-reflection; the second, of machines reflecting our self-reflections.


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