Wellgo?? “Heaven is not a place but an awareness of Love.”

You are not alone

Why we practice together

Suddenly we have in community things we can do together that we’ve never had before

You’re not just doing the Imperfection Relisher alone. You’re doing it in community with other people who are also on a journey to relish their imperfections — you’re practicing with others who are familiar with the same spiritual tools as you… these tools give you a common bond.

“We practice to know we are not alone.”

The Wellgorithms comprise a common spiritual language for humanity, you can choose where to practice, when and what… but you are always practicing in community. You might be a 33 year old widow from Japan doing the same Peace Infuser practice as a 75 year old man from Nigeria.

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  • "The empires of the future
    will be empires of the mind."
    Winston Churchill


    The InnerNet is a woman and veteran-owned startup founded in 2009. With platforms like Upwork, Skype, and Airtable, we collaborated with over 2,000 highlyskilled contributors from dozens of countries.

    We’re psychologists, Fulbright scholars, UI/UX designers, college professors, Zen teachers, sobriety counselors, single moms, grandparents, African Americans, and much in between. 83% of our founding members and contributors are women.

    One of our friends and mentors is 99 and was a close personal friend of Martin Buber, Abraham Maslow and Erich Fromm. Martin studied graphic design with Milton Glaser, served in the U.S. Army during the first Persian Gulf war, and has a degree in electrical and computer engineering, with honors, from Carnegie Mellon. Valerie has taught at inner city schools, mostly in the South Bronx, NY, for over two decades.

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    We participated in the online program of Y Combinator and both cohorts of the Transformative Tech Academy (TTA). The InnerNet leverages one of the seminal insights of TTA — that the 12 major wellbeing markets are converging and cross-pollinating, and in need of an integral platform.