Wellgo?? “Heaven is not a place but an awareness of Love.”

Wellness: A Community Ideal

“Favor Fields is like a wikipedia of the human soul… created by each of us, yet nourishing all of us.”

Rick S.

Human wellness is a community ideal. It needs to advance us far beyond self help.

Our Wellgorithms are not written by individuals. Nor are they written by computers, for that matter. They embody the sum total of collective wisdom of the community, with respect to each aspect of the human condition that the Wellgorithm seeks to address.

For example, the Stress Blesser. The aim is to help not to resist the stress, thereby creating more stress. Instead we seek ways to thank our stress for the lessons it is teaching us, about ourselves in relation to the world. What does a community of a thousand, or a million, say about stress? And how they’ve learned to “bless” it? And how blessing it has brought them inner peace and wellness.

Wellgorithms, like a Wikipedia article, are ever evolving, and, it is hoped, becoming ever more accurate and helpful reflections of the the most effective wisdom for handling any given situation.

We have 11 Wellgorithms that help us work through feelings of anger. If a community is mired in anger at the political system, or income inequality, or environmental destruction, for instance, then the Wellgorithms seek ways to overcome such anger. The people who have wrestled with their anger and developed the most effective solutions have their solutions adapted by the community.

Wellgorithms honor, above all, the unique contribution that only you can make. You don’t need a particular pedigree, or spiritual or religious background, to contribute to the advancement of human wellness. You need an open heart. Devotion. Commitment. You might not have a PhD in psychology from Stanford, but if your heart chakra is open, you can make a magnificent contribution.

The Wellgorithm is an egalitarian tool. There is always room for dissent. At any time, the individual can deviate from community norms. Nothing is ever forced on anyone. The individual conscience is prized as much as community consensus. We never stigmatize individuals for having views that may be profoundly different from those of the community.

The community, in authentically recognizing and honoring the autonomy and uniqueness of each individual, embraces and celebrates the diversity of its members. The infinite possibilities of evolution that emerge.

This is why we have to return, again and again, to Loving Kindness. Without Loving Kindness as our Ultimate Concern, our agreed upon community norm, our spiritual evolution is simply not possible. Or desirable.

Having the Ultimate Concern is what makes the community a community. And it is what allows individuals to experience wholeness and wellness, each in their own way. Loving Kindness is our Covenant, our unconditional commitment that we make to each other. We may disagree about politics or economics, but we come together in community to disagree in the spirit of Loving Kindness.

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