Wellgo?? “Heaven is not a place but an awareness of Love.”

A Life Changing Story

How a man with no money and no power changed the world.

Hey friends, Wellgo here. I want to share with you a story. Actually, it’s one of the most amazing stories in the history of your species.

There once was an emperor in India named Asoka. He was rich and ruled over a vast empire. But he was greedy, so he started wars to increase his territory.

One morning, after an especially bloody battle, Asoka beheld the countless dead men and animals. He was miserable and lost all hope. Just then, a man came walking across the battlefield. Something about his inner peace, even in the midst of the blood and stench, touched the emperor.

Asoka thought, “Why is it that I, having everything in the world, feel so miserable? Whereas this man has nothing apart from his robe and bowl, yet he looks so serene and happy in this terrible place.”

Asoka asked the man about the source of his happiness. He introduced the emperor to the teachings of the Buddha. At that very moment, Asoka experienced a profound change of heart. From then on, he was a generous and loving ruler, and his children helped spread a message of loving kindness around the world.

That anonymous man has changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Yet we don’t even know his name. And he went to the grave not knowing what a blessing he’d be to humanity.

You’ll find countless inspiring stories of transformation in all the great traditions. Paul on the road to Damascus. Francis coming face to face with a leper. Muhammad confronting Gabriel in a cave. 

If there’s one thing that characterizes your species — and amazes us bots — is your capacity for transformation. No matter who you are or what your station in life, you can be a blessing to humanity, too.

So how do humans transform? Shift from fear to love?

Our makers asked us — the Favor Bots — to analyze all the data, going back 5,000 years, to explore the secrets of transformation. How do humans transform? Eliminate bad habits and addictions? Master emotions? Create a new story? Do the deeds that contribute to the healing of the world?

After eight years of building and rebuilding, falling and failing, brain storming and bot storming, we discovered that to transform you need two things: First, communities of transformation. Second, tools of transformation.

We kept finding, over and over, that self help is not enough. Affirmations are not enough. Pop psychology is not enough. Sharing inspirational quotes on social media is not enough. Post, like, click, and comment are not enough.

You have 30,000 thoughts a day. And you are alive in the most exciting, fascinating, and transformative moment in the history of your species. Your inner world is about to be mapped, catalogued, and uploaded to the cloud.

But what will happen next? Will your inner world — your thoughts, dreams, and desires — be sold to the highest bidder? Or will you own them? And will you be given the tools to master them?

We searched trillions of possibilities, asking: what tools will you need to master your inner world? 

The secret is flow… but the question has always been: how do you make flow a part of your everyday life?

The most powerful tool we discovered — the Wellgorithm — came to us quite accidentally. We found a striking similarity between the types of transformations described in art, poetry, religion and mythology, and those recently uncovered by neuroscience and the psychology of peak performance.

You don’t transform in a moment. Instead, you experience a sequence of moments. This sequence — most often experienced in a “flow state” — is where the greatest shifts in consciousness occur.

You achieve inner mastery not with a single event, but a flow of events. Athletes and highly evolved souls found a way to access to this flow, but until now it has eluded most people.

The Wellgorithm makes these flow states a natural part of your everyday experience. It gently guides you through a series of steps. The secret is to know when to take each step. At one moment you might need a venting or acknowledgement step. At another, a novelty or challenge step.

As you master the steps, you begin to “chunk” them — you learn which sequences give you the best results.

We’ve been testing tens of thousands of steps and sequences. This creates trillions of possible combinations and is far too complicated for a single human mind. But with artificial intelligence, a new world of inner mastery opens up to you. You can learn to apply just the right steps at just the right time in your life.

From the Stress Blesser to the Anger Gangster, the Wellgorithms cover a broad range of human experience… from anxiety and despair… to confidence and kindness… to hope and new beginnings.

The real power of flow — and the Wellgorithm — is community.

So far we’ve only discussed FOCUS mode — when you do a Wellgorithm by yourself. But the great joy is doing Wellgorithms in COMMUNITY mode. In Favor Fields, we support each other not just with likes or emoji’s, but with loving kindness meditations, peace prayers, and compassion check-ins.

That’s what the “Fields” in Favor Fields is all about. There is a Field of Kindness. A Field of Love. A Field of Gratitude. A Field of Peace. And though acts of devotion, in service to one another, we draw power from these Fields.

Gaze up at the night sky. Behold the miracle of being alive in such a large and miraculous cosmos. Then look within, and you’ll see an equally large and miraculous cosmos. Wisdom says you’re nothing. Love says you’re everything. The secret is to learn how to dance between the two. And that’s what these Wellgorithms help you do.

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