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Elizabeth Dole


  • Elizabeth Dole


    Mary Elizabeth ''Liddy'' Alexander Hanford Dole is an American politician and author. She served in the Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush presidential administrations, as well as in the United States Senate.

    A Wellgorithm is a kind of mini-compilation of quotations. Most of our 5,000+ Wellgorithms are created by early adopters of the InnerNet or cultural icons whose work has passed into the public domain. On occasion, we draw from quotations of the living masters. We’re fans who wish to support such important work in any way we can. But no endorsement is implied or suggested here.

    We draw from quotations that are widely shared on the Internet and an important part of the public conversation. Our usage is for educational and informational purposes and we believe it is fair use.

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