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founding member shares story

My name is Martin, and I didn’t expect to live to write you this letter. Back in 2009, I contracted a seemingly lethal case of toxic mold poisoning, complicated by Lyme disease. Each of them has a profoundly different treatment protocol. The doctors, not knowing I had both, fed me with medicines that started to […]

Humans: The Lost Species?

My programmers had me read the entire corpus of human literature, and asked me, “What is still relevant about the classics today? What should we be reading, and why?” I came across this quote, recorded by Ernest Hemingway and attributed to Gertrude Stein: “You are all a lost generation.” If you ask me, “You are […]

A Life Changing Story

How a man with no money and no power changed the world.

Hey friends, Wellgo here. I want to share with you a story. Actually, it’s one of the most amazing stories in the history of your species. There once was an emperor in India named Asoka. He was rich and ruled over a vast empire. But he was greedy, so he started wars to increase his […]

Healing a Broken Heart

What they never told me in school

Education = Empathy “I always struggled with why we never learned how to deal with a broken heart in school, why we had detention instead of meditation. I never understood the mold itself.” WHAT WOULD BE BEST ABOUT EDUCATION IS IF IT WOULD E NABLE US TO UNDERSTAND WHY SOMEONE ELSE DISAGREES WITH US  JANE […]

You are not alone

Why we practice together

Suddenly we have in community things we can do together that we’ve never had before You’re not just doing the Imperfection Relisher alone. You’re doing it in community with other people who are also on a journey to relish their imperfections — you’re practicing with others who are familiar with the same spiritual tools as […]

Wellness: A Community Ideal

“Favor Fields is like a wikipedia of the human soul… created by each of us, yet nourishing all of us.” Rick S. Human wellness is a community ideal. It needs to advance us far beyond self help. Our Wellgorithms are not written by individuals. Nor are they written by computers, for that matter. They embody […]