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  • All the world’s wisdom
    at your fingertips …
    in a new kind of social
    wellbeing platform

    What's been missing from our world for a long time is an “InnerNet”—a respite from the madness of social media, polarizing rhetoric, and an anxious, stressed-out culture. What's emerging now is transformational media—integrating key insights from social and developmental psychology, mindfulness and stress-reduction therapies, poetry and the arts.


  • After algorithms, Wellgorithms



    The latest science reveals how algorithms exploit fundamental weaknesses in our biology, feed the addiction culture, and keep us imprisoned in our “lower selves.” What we really need are Wellgorithms—dynamic and evolving sets of instructions that help us become masters of our inner worlds and put our “higher selves” in charge.

  • After a near-death experience, the InnerNet is born

    The InnerNet was born of brokenness, pain, and loss … but also of love, wonder, and hope. A near-death experience awakened one of our founders to the “fragility of goodness” and provided the spark for the InnerNet.


  • Our #1 Ingredient: diversiTEA!

    The InnerNet is a veteran-owned startup and was built by an unusually diverse team from 53 countries, ranging in age from 18 to 99 and representing many perspectives and backgrounds. We’re college students, grandparents, single moms, psychologists, poets, machine learning experts, UI/UX designers, and much in between.

5,500 Wellgorithms. 1 mission:
to give birth to the better world our hearts know is possible.